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Personal Training for the Greater Nashville/Brentwood TN Area

Our Mission is to equip you with the tools necessary to help Lead YOU, Inspire YOU, and Motivate YOU, in order to Take your Game and Fitness to The Next Level.

Middle Tennessee's Leader in Sports Performance and Orthopedic Fitness


Why Train With Us?

The Next Level Personal Training

Improved Speed and Agility

We are not your ordinary Sports Performance Facility. We work with you on a 1:1 level to ensure effective techniques and execution of proper form. We don't look at the latest and greatest Youtube Videos in order to implement it into our program. Lets be honest, most of those are pointless anyways. We stick to what works. Being Coachable! Our Coaches use trained techniques and skills from over 7 Years in the Business. 


Injury Prevention

We work hand in had with your Physical Therapist to develop a Sports Specific Training protocol to prevent the likelihood on the injury form happening again. Our Primary objective is to get you faster and stronger, so that when you do begin your Sport you stay injury free during the Season. We take great Pride in saying, " We have not had a single Athlete injured during the Season." 

As far as our Adult Population, we focus on the same preventative care. We are here to work with your Physical Therapist to develop the BEST Program necessary to get you back on your feet. Success Happens via a Joint Approach!


Improved Performance

We believe that you can improve your performance whether you are an athlete or an Active Adult. Improved Performance is not limited to one attribute. You could improve your Strength, Conditioning, Muscle Mass, Lean Body Mass, Nutritional Intake, and etc. We want everyone to feel Excited and Energized when working on ways to Improve Performance. 

       WHO WE ARE