High School Sports Performance

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Speed, Strength, Agility for All Sports

Our Off Season Strength and Conditioning for Soccer, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, and Basketball are designed with the Athlete in mind. All of our programs are developed to help Athletes succeed on and off the court/field. Not only do we try to make them better Athletes, but also better members of the Community. We take pride in Injury Prevention and Mentoring our Athletes. We want everyone to exceed at The Next Level.


Dry Land Training

Our Dry Land Training Program is Designed to make Swimmers more explosive off the block, injury prevention during Season, and to develop overall strength and mobility to perform at The Next Level. 


TPI Golf Specific

Our Golf Specific Program uses the TPI Screening Protocol to gather a better understanding on how the athlete moves. It is also a great indicator of their strengths/weaknesses in regards to Golf centered movements. We take the data from the Screening and develop a program specific to each golfer.