My STORY: My journey from College Athlete to Over Weight to Fitness Professional

As a high school athlete I never had a passion for lifting weights to get better at my sport. It wasn't until after my Junior year of high school that I even touched a weight in the gym. It was then that I was hooked. I met a guy who was a former bodybuilder back in the 80's and I saw him and his son working out at the field house one day. We struck up conversation about getting better at football, so I could go on to play college sports.He said he could help me out, so I took the plunge. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I never looked for excuses, i just knew I put my trust in someone who was willing to help. Over that next year I put on weight and got stronger, but it wasn't until my senior year that things started to come together. I was getting bigger and stronger and a few schools were looking at me for Collegiate Football. I ended up committing to a school that I didn't even know existed in West Tennessee. Lambuth University was the name of it. So, once i committed I knew that I had to prove myself. I was in the weight room before school and after school just to get things done. I went from 215lbs---235lbs in a matter of months. I was bench pressing 325lbs, Squatting 450lbs, and Deadlifting 405lbs, All it takes it hard work, commitment and a mindset to know that no-one will stop you from achieving your goals.  Proper diet and exercise was always a talking point during athletics, but it wasn't until I had moved on that I learned the hard way. While in school i gained close to 40lbs by eating whatever I wanted to, even though I was working out religiously. It wasn't until I came home one weekend and my Mom made and interesting comment in regards to my appearance that I started to change things around. She said, " I don't know very many people who will listen to your advice in regards to working out, when you look like this." That sealed the deal. I suited up and started pushing harder than i ever had with my workouts, just to prove that I could make personal training a career. Well, needless to say I dropped the weight and have continued to help other succeed with their weight loss journey as well. I have helped individuals lose 20lbs, 50lbs, and even over 100lbs

Some you can relate to the story above, but some of you are probably wondering why on Earth would I ever listen to someone about fitness who was over weight. Glad you asked!! 

See it's not about where we were in life, but where we are going. I've had my struggles with health and fitness, but you would think that as a fitness professional I wouldn't have this problem. Well Fitness Professionals are human too. We aren't perfect, although I wish I was. I don't get to exercise 7 days a week. But you might think I would want to. I don't eat perfect, but I do the best I can. 

As a former health coach some of these topics are difficult to talk about, but definitely needed.  Don't get me wrong, I love to workout, eat healthy, and live life to the fullest, but life happens. We don't expect things to come up on a daily basis that will prevent us from getting 1% better with our lives, but it happens. Don't let life get in the way of making yourself the best version of YOU. Adapt and adjust! Plan and Prepare ahead of time, so you can have good meals to eat and awesome workouts on a daily basis. 

Let me be real for just a second! Being overweight as a fitness professional was NEVER where I wanted to be, but I was. I could have chosen to keep up my lifestyle choices, but I chose to change. It took a period of time to make those changes, but it happened. Eating better meals day in and day out, exercising for 45min-60min a day, and getting better sleep on a daily basis made a huge difference.  I went from 265lbs to 219lbs in a matter of 7 months. 

Im here to tell my story because I believe clients need to hear the truth about the day and life of a personal trainer. All the glam and glits and personas that most portray can be fake. Ive been REAL from Day 1. I can relate with a lot of struggles that many may have and that's what makes me the best fit for Your Personal Trainer along your fitness journey. 

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