Middle School Strength and Conditioning

If you have a Middle School athlete who is looking to get stronger and faster, then look no further. Maybe you have been on the fence about getting your kid in the gym to gain strength, endurance, and a firm foundation for movement. 

We have a proven program in place to help your kid gain the advantage. We work on speed training mechanics to help with the arm and leg placement during drills. We also focus on the foundations of strength training movements. For example: Body Weight Squat, Push Ups, Pulls Ups, Lunges. These are not all of the lifts we focus on, but they will give your kid an advantage as we progress to more complex movements. 

Take advantage of the opportunity and get ahead while you can. Don't wait for someone else to tell you to get started. Take the Plunge and take your game to THE NEXT LEVEL.

Take advantage of the opportunity and get your kid signed up. We meet on Tuesday @4pm and Friday @ 4:30pm. 

Cost: $150 per kid- (8 kid max for class)

Please call or email: 615-495-9044 or thenxtlevelpt@gmail.com if interested.