Health Coaching: Is it for me? How could this help me?

As a former employee of a health coaching company, I sat back and thought about how I could offer something like this to my clients. Was it going to be on a smaller scale? How much would I charge? Will anyone sign up and use the service? 

All of these thoughts were going through my head at the moment. It finally hit me! If I can offer something that is unique, genuine, and honest my clients would see the results they are wanting, plus some. So, without hesitation I took action and became Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified within 3 months of signing up. Upon the completion, I offered this service to a few long term clients just to see if this would be something that would stick in my business. It has been beneficial, helpful, and has drastically help educate my client base. 

The service of Pro Coach was not about how much money I could make by getting as many people to sign up as possible. It was a way to connect with people outside of the 2-3x week workout sessions. It was a way for them to open up and be honest with themselves. They had nobody to blame but themselves if they didn't complete their daily activity or task at hand. This was a means of accountability outside of their workouts. You have time set aside to workout, so therefore you need to make time for you health coaching sessions as well. 

You might be thinking to yourselves, what does this have to do with anything. Well, you might be right. Is this just a bunch of random content about coaching that doesn't pertain to me? 

I think Health Coaching can be for anyone. If you can take one tidbit of information away from each training session or coaching session and apply it to your life, its a WIN. 

Taken from an article back in May of 2017 from ACEFitness, it states that 36% of adults and 17% of children are obese or affected by obesity conditions. By this statement alone, you know that this will continue to rise unless we do something to combat this. 

This is where the Integrative Health Coaching comes in to play. Below are the Top 3 Reasons why I would hire a Health Coach:

1. Accountability- Having someone beside you along your journey will always keep you motivated. 

2. Lifestyle Changes- Reduction of visits to the Dr, Loss of Weight, Lower A1C levels, Improved Cholesterol and the list goes on. 

3. Flexibility- you do not have to travel to and from the health coach. It can be done via the internet or FaceTime.

Go to  for a look inside what Pro Coach is. 

Give the Next Level a shot with your Health and Wellness Needs. We offer Health Coaching for $100 a month. If you respond to this before the first of the year, we will give you a Special Offer of 1/2 half off for your first 6 months. Thats $50 a month. 

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