Being a Difference Maker

Anybody can be a personal trainer now a days. It's as easy as searching online and clicking a button. $99 will get you certified with some agency no-one has ever heard of. The difference between those individuals and what I do, is the way we go about things with our clientele. 

Now what do you mean about that? What is really different? Let me explain: As I have been in this industry for almost 8 years now, it seems as if the trend for most trainers is to bring new folks into the gym and just give them a crushing workout and send them on their way. Get a sweat on and crush them until they can't move, hoping that is what they are looking for. Well, let me be honest for a moment. Not a lot of people seem to really enjoy that. Some might, but definitely not all. 

The approach that I try and take with all clients is to COACH them, which is turn can be a difference maker. You might be thinking that coaching is supposed to left up to a sports coach or someone else, not a fitness professional. If we take time to Coach clients on what they are supposed to be doing it brings an added value to their  training session. My job as a Coach is to teach and make sure that I leave a lifelong impression on the client. You don't have to have the greatest looking facility to make this happen. Heck, Ive worked in some pretty nice facilities over the years, but If you can really connect or coach a client all of the fancy equipment and glamour doesn't even matter. 

A great book to pick up and read if you are a Fitness Entrepreneur is, " The Fitness Entrepreneur's Handbook" written by Pat Rigsby. In this book he touches on some great points on how to be successful as and entrepreneur, but this notion of COACHING really stood out. 

Pat says that the #1 thing that will make you stand out above the crowd as a difference maker is COACHING. Not the fancy equipment and not even your knowledge. Lets be honest, there is nothing worse than someone trying to tell how to do something in such a scientific way that it confuses the both of us. Keep it Simple and be the Best COACH to your clients you can possibly be. 



Problem Solving

Personal Attention

Pat says, that these are things 99% of the fitness solutions out there will never provide. These may seem high, but if you think about most fitness professionals they settle for being nothing better than that trainer at a local gym. 

As a trainer and COACH, I can be the solution to so many peoples problems. I am able to unlock things that people never thought were possible and find their true potential. You have to dig deep and find out what really makes someone tick. Peel back the layers to find the best version of that individual by just simply COACHING and not delivering the bone crushing workouts every time they come in. 

The things that stand out to my clients are:

1. Coaching during sessions and even when they are working out on their own

2. Results

3. Knowledge gained during each session. 

4. Challenging workouts each and every time they step foot into the facility.

This may sound like a ramble of such, but if you look around the next time you are in the gym observe the trainers and clients and see who is being COACHED!! Probably not many!!


Let us know how we can help. We have a lot of things going on, so check back for more updates.