If you train SLOW, You Play SLOW.

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After you read the Headline your probably wondering, Why on Earth would anyone train slow?

This was a mindset I had to change over the years. I was under to assumption that the more I had Athletes lift the better they would become. It was more about how much they could lift instead of the Speed of the lift. Yes, our athletes got stronger. Yes, our athletes liked the Program. But, at the end of the day was I actually doing them a disservice by just increasing the load day in and day out.

Some part of me thinks so, but another part of me thinks that I was may have been a bit miss guided or didn't want to listen to what others had to say. It wasn't until I came across a guy named Kevin Fitzgerald, who runs Six1Five Sports Training in Mt. Juliet that my thought process started to change a bit. 

At first I was a sceptic just like I should have been. This concept of Training Slow = Playing Slow never really crossed my mind at all. Fitz went on to explain that lifting with Speed translates to the Speed of the Game. So, I took this same approach and developed an Off-Season Program to help off set the deficiencies of what I had been doing previously while training Athletes. 

A deeper look into what we were doing: 


Barbell Squats

RFE Split Jumps

Core-Plank Hole

Bench Press

One Arm DB

Core-Russian Twist

SB Leg Curls

DB Curls



Barbell Squats

Jumps Squats

Incline Bench Press

TRX Pull Ups


Shoulder Press

Upright Row

Ez Curl Biceps

Triceps Ext


Clean Pull

Bench Press

One Arm Row


Barbell RDL

DB Hammer Curl

Triceps Ext

Shoulder 3Way Raise



As we continued this Outline of our Strength Program over the Summer the numbers continued to impress me. Not only with Football Players, but Basketball and Hockey as well. I was blown away with the results:

On average our Female Athletes have had great improvements in the following:

-Bench Press- +22.5lbs


-Broad Jump-+ 8 inches

-5-10-5 Pro Agility- Decrease by 0.14sec

On Average our Male Athletes have had great improvements in the following lifts:

+ 10-15lbs of total Body Weight

-Bench Press-+69lbs on 1 RM Max

-Squats-+105lbs on 1 RM Max

-Power Clean- +20lbs

-40 yd dash- Decrease of 0.1 on time

-Broad Jump-+ 3inches. 


With the results right here in front of you, its kind of hard for me not to continue to keep the progress going. This may be true, but I still have to continue to adapt to the Athlete. Progressions or Regressions as needed, but trying to be as efficient as possible. 

In Mike Boyles Book, Functional Training for Sports, he states that, "The reality is it is very difficult to make someone fast and very easy to make someone slow. If you want to get the athlete slow, simply ask here to run slower, longer. Simple. She may be in shape, but in the wrong shape."

"Athlete who dominate their sports are those who run fastest, jump the highest, and have the quickest burst. Conditioning matters, but train for he SPORT."


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