Stages of Changes- Part 3

We have come to the Middle of our TTM Model and it leads us to one of the main areas of change-PREPARATION. 

When we think about preparation, we tend to make plans, or gather ideas with the end result in mind. In this stage people are seeking opportunities to change. They want to join a run club, get a gym membership, have already looked online at their meal preparation service. The list could go on, but you get the point. 

As a Strength Coach this seems to be where most people fall as it relates to training. They have a plan in place with goals in mind that they want to achieve. The Goal in this stage of chance would be to implement a structured program, while offering positive feedback to the client. By this time you have already decided to do something about it and the positive feedback reassures the client that they have made the right decision get started. It tends to reinforce the positive behaviors.

Setting Goals and Self Efficacy play a huge role in this area of change. You need to set some Short Term and Long Term Goals to go along with the Plan. If you can surround yourself with like minded individuals/Support System, it would make the transition much easier. 

There is nothing worse than being super excited about starting a new program or changing eating habits, with no one in your inner circle being supportive. Its Tough! Frustrating! Down right SUCKS! This is where its sometimes the most challenging, because you can definitely find yourself sliding back down into the Contemplation or Preparation Stage! 

Support is YUUUGE when it comes to anything. Especially trying to take back your Health. 

These areas might seem lame to you, but think about how Easy or Hard it can be moving from one stage to the Next. 

Stay Tuned for Stage 4- Action-The Stage Everyone want to be in.....