Stages of Change- Part 4

Tuesday seems like a great day to continue our look into the TTM and how it can relate to Health and Fitness.  We are looking into Stage 4 of the process:

ACTION: In this stage of change individuals desire change. Individuals want to quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, reach their goals. The list can go on and on. Our mindsets are completely changed during this stage, motivation is at an all time high, and we really look forward to checking the accomplishments off of the list. 

Since this is one of most fulfilling stages of change, it can be one of the most detrimental to us. We are at a high risk at sliding back down the spectrum to Preparation, Contemplation, and Pre-contemplation. You might be wondering, why is it so challenging?

Glad you asked! We have to maintain our motivation and adherence at this stage. Its crucial to have your support system in place, so that falling back in to the previous stages is an after thought. Like minded people definitely can help at this stage. Nothing worse than someone saying they are on your side and then they try and sabotage your motivation and effort. Accountability it HUGE to stay on track. 

Some strategies that might help you stay on this path of Action:

1) Support from peers

2) Increase the awareness of shifting back into the previous stages

3) Give continual feedback on Progress

Find your Support and Take Action!!!

As these may seem like they are a no brainer, you would be surprised how many individuals I have worked with who slide up and down the 4 Stages Mentioned thus far. 

We want to help in any way! Develop ACTION Steps to help Lead YOU, Inspire YOU, and Motivate YOU, in order to Take your Game and Fitness to The Next Level.