Stages of Change-Part 5

Part 5 Brings up to the stage of change were we all wish we could be for a long long time. As easy as it may seem to do anything in a maintenance phase, its actually tough.

Maintenance would be where we find ourselves empowered to maintain change for longer than 6 months. You may be thinking that you can do anything for 6 months or longer. You might be able to, but in reality life happens and people will fall in and out of this stage. Its very easy to maintain your support and interest in what you are wanting to accomplish. It even gets easier confronting any roadblocks that might have prevented you from being successful in the previous stage of change. 

2 Ways to Stay in Maintenance

1) Plan for any type of relapse and how you are going to handle it.

2) Keep variety in your pocket. Nothing worse than doing the same ole stuff all the time. Keep things exciting and change it up every now and then. 


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