Stages of Change- Part 1

We have all been in a situation where we have wanted to do something, whether it was losing weight, starting a workout program, or to try and eat healthy. But how many times do we actually follow through with it. Probably not a lot! 

I wanted to take the next few minutes and break down Part 1 of the Trans-theoretical Behavior Change Model and explain what the TTM even is. 

Now the boring part:

 Dating back to the 1970's Prochaska and DiClemente developed this model to help with the understanding of how some individuals were able to Quit smoking and others were not. They had determined that people who were ready to quit smoking, were the ones who were ready to Quit. 

Therefore,  the TTM focuses on the behavioral change of the individual and is a model of intentional change. It is under the assumption that people do not make behavior changes quickly or decisively. 

So we can conclude that habitual behavior  goes through cycles and can happen on a continuum which can slide from one stage to another. 

Pre-Contemplation is the initial stage of change: ``The individual is unaware if there even is a problem and is almost in denial. They can also believe that things cannot be changed. 

Over the years of training and health coaching, this is one of the hardest stages to pull your self out of. You don't think you need to workout, but your blood pressure is high. You don't think you need to lose weight, but you are 25lbs over weight. You feel HEALTHY, but you don't think anyone can help fix your problem. 

My goal is not to beat you over the head and tell you that Change is necessary, but its to educate you on the risk associated with the continuation down this PATH. I want to encourage you to think about change. Make a decision and take the steps necessary to put one foot in front of the other towards change. 

Maybe you have been following us on social media or our newsletter. Maybe you have had thoughts of taking the next steps. We are here to help and want you to feel like you can come to us to help fix what ever problem you may been facing. For example: eating habits, structured workouts, weight loss, weight gain, etc..

Stay tuned to Part 2- Contemplation: Getting Ready for Change


IDEA Fitness Journal July 2018- Pg.22-31