Do You Have A Morning Routine?

Do you have a morning routine...that you feel really good about?

Does it set you up for a successful day?

Well, mine consist of:

- Feet hitting the floor

- Start Cooking Eggs/Egg White and Veggie Omelet

- Grab 2 Scoops of Spark, Multivitamins, Fish Oil, and Catalyst and wash it down before my son wakes up

- Get belongings together to get out the door

There are key things that I know, if I get done BEFORE I go to work, will make me more productive and happier with life in general…

To some, this might seem hokey or even fantasy - like, yeah, someday when I’m not so busy I’ll have a nice routine - but the reality is, you have a morning routine right now. It just might be a frantic, crazy, high strung, rushed routine...but it’s still your routine.

I’m not suggesting that you can just ignore your responsibilities (perhaps getting the kids ready for school)... I am suggesting that there just might be 10 minutes that you can squeeze in for yourself to make life a little more enjoyable…

After all, isn’t life meant to be enjoyed?

I certainly think so.

I do believe that we often get so caught up in our day to day stuff that we fall into a routine that feels more like a “rut.”


That’s often the immediate, automatic response, right?

But, here’s a quote from Tony Robbins I think is a smack in the face many of us need:

“If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.”

Seriously. If you can’t take just 10 minutes each morning to dedicated to making your day better than what kind of life do you really have? 

By the way, you may just need to get up 10 minutes earlier. Like I said, it’s not about skirting your daily responsibilities. 

In fact, because I want to squeeze a few more things into my routine, I’m experimenting this week with new wake-up times. 

Now, you may be wondering, “what kinds of things go into a morning routine?”

I think that’s a very personal question, but here are some ideas:

● Walk the dog while listening to a podcast

● Workout at The Next Level Personal Training ;-)

● Gratitude journal

● Meditate

● Simple calisthenics

● Drink hot lemon water while reading

The possibilities are endless. It’s really up to you

Here’s a video where Tony Robbins explains his minimum 10 minute routine to Oprah:


If you’ve got a morning routine that you find really beneficial, I’d love to know what it is. Please reply back and let me know. Maybe I’ll add a piece of yours to mine. :-)





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